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Graziani Restaurant is a concept created by the owner Hector Graziani. This restaurant is a reflection of Hector’s past, present, and future endeavors. Every detail in the restaurant that starts with the art and ends with the live music tells Hector Graziani’s life and experiences. Graziani restaurant is an international fusion of dishes and tapas that inspired Graziani in his years in a world-touring rock band. The cocktails are created by Graziani himself and are named after people, artists, and events that have impacted his life.

Come by Graziani Restaurant and celebrate Hector’s inspiration and influence on the San Juan culinary scene.

Calle Cerra

Once the name the Salsa Music Mecca of the world, it is only fitting that La Calle Cerra is the home of Graziani Restaurant. In the past ten years, La Calle Cerra has evolved into an artistic center for graffiti artists, musicians, and, most importantly, restaurants and chefs. La Calle Cerra is the prime location for local restaurants and nightlife, which fuels the inspiration for Graziani Restaurant.

Hector Graziani Is a musician,
chef and overall awesome guy.

sobre Graziani Restaurante

Hector Graziani

Chef / Owner

At an early age, Graziani fell in love musth music and became a musician with a successful band that toured the world. When returning home to Puerto Rico from his music career, Graziani took the same passion for music and focused it on cooking and the restaurant business. Hector worked under successful chefs like Jose Enrique to perfect his passion for cooking. And with this mentoring from a great chef, he decided to open his restaurant in Santurce: Centrico.

Centrico was Graziani’s dream come true, and it became a local favorite spot to grab cocktails and delicious food. Unfortunately, the damages from Hurricane Maria on Centrico were non-recoverable, and had to alternative but to close the restaurant.

Shortly after, in 2018, Hector opened Graziani Restaurant in la Calle Cerra.
Graziani restaurant opened to great success and gave Hector an outlet for his love of cooking and business. In 2020, Hector was forced to close his restaurant due to the Covid Pandemic, but this did not stop him from staying focused on re-opening when it was safe and possible.

In August of 2021, Graziani Restaurant opened its doors again, and Hector continued his journey to share his passions with the world.

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